Sunday, 15 January 2012

Harley Quinn Part 2

Starting the pants! I had originally thought to make the costume all one piece by cutting the leggings with a high waist line and sewing it directly on to the top and cutting off the body suit at that point, but my friend who I was making this for wanted to keep it in two pieces for ease of bathroom use. Practical vs perfection. Since she was the one who would be wearing it all night, I did it her way.

Lifting the waistline on the leggings pattern: It had to be lifted by 7”

Cutting out the legs:

Since the legs are one piece each, there was no outside seam, just an inside one. This is the black leg inside the red one prepping for the crotch seam:

One really long pair of leggings:

Both pieces so far: still need to add the neckline on the body suit, the elastic waist and hem on the pants and all the decorative pieces.

Beginning to add the decorative pieces on the body suit:

Because this really was a custom costume, I had a few pieces I had to create entirely without a pattern: the hood and collar. I started with the hood. This took a few hours to do to make sure I got the curve around the back of the head and neck just right.

Adding the jester points:

The collar I had to completely design this myself, using the picture I had printed of the character as reference. It is two layers of six pieces each. This is about half-way through making it:

Next step: making all the little white balls. I needed eight in total: two for the jester hat and six for the collar. They were actually easier than I thought they would be.

Body suit with the decorative diamonds all sewn on:
This had to be done by hand so it was the most time consuming part of the whole costume.

Even more time consuming was the diamonds on the pants: three on each leg and much larger:

The fitting:

The gloves were done by sewing lace on the some stretched-out mini-mitts; definitely easier than trying to make something like the collar.

The decorative diamonds were added on the black leg after the fitting. As I said these were incredibly time-consuming.

Fully completed costume layout before the big day.

I do have a photo of the costume actually worn on Halloween (those on Facebook have probably already seen it). I will be adding a post shortly of a whole bunch of promised photos from previous posts / projects. Not exactly a cliff-hanger but it’s the best I’ve got.

Note for everyone who was thinking of getting a custom costume done: now that I know how many hours this type of thing actually takes (40), my estimate would be about $300 + materials. Before you have a panic-attack, please note this is less than minimum wage.


  1. how did you attach the points to the hood? I'm actually making my harley quinn costume and this is one step I have been stuck on. I am using Lycra material. Any suggestions?

  2. Hi...was wondering if you would be interested in making/selling a 6-point collar like that (without the balls at the end)? Let me know! :-)

    1. Hi Jamie. Unfortunately I am so busy trying to complete my sewing course that I won't have any time to take on new projects before December.

  3. hi gwen i have been looking for this costume and was wondering if you could make one for me and if so what would the price be... i am loving everything you do to each part it is exactly how i want it. if you could email me at that would be amazing!! what talent

  4. Hi Gwen,
    I am making this outfit for my daughter but I am stuck on what kind of fabric I should use I'm thinking something Jersey. Also for your top did you use some kind of pattern for that or did you just wing it? In fact was all your part made from a pattern and just added your own touch to?
    Please email me thank you


    1. I am so bad at replying to these. Sorry, life. Poor excuse I know but that's what it is. I used spandex to make the costume and combined a legging pattern and legless bodysuit pattern. This character is far more popular now than it was in 2011, so you should be able to find a complete pattern. Good luck!

  5. Sadly I came back to this post as I was just notified that these images have been stolen and are being used to scam people on instagram. Please note I do not condone this and have filed a report. This was a one-of-a-kind costume and there are no more.