Monday, 15 February 2016

17 Months?!

Has it really been 17 months since I last posted? Where has the time gone! Oh right – LARP; and the time and will-to-live sucking thing called “gainful employment.” Sad to say, along with thousands of others, with the crash in oil, this is no longer a problem. On the bright side, that has left me with lots of time for video games sewing, I mean sewing.

Actually with our annual masquerade event in January, I was kept pretty busy. Scroll down for photos of my work.

Since the last post in August 2013, I have done so much! For your viewing pleasure, here is as much as I could find:

The gaudy robe made for our goblin librarian.

Close up of the Chinese brocade fabric.

A silver dress for a silver dragon (oversized, so I could fit layers underneath). This used the pattern based on Galadriel’s dress in the Hobbit.

A new coat for Shauna’s NPC: Grand Duchess Victoria. This used the coat pattern based on the TV show, Once Upon A Time.

I was debating posting this one because I really don’t want to offend anyone. This is the host and NPC team for our 2015 summer competition event, the “Festival of Crows,” the Dark Elves. I played the Empress. The lovely crown was courtesy of Shauna.

Close-ups of the embroidered flags.

The empress’ dress.

Masquerade 2015: Zanthia’s new dress.

Which needed a matching pouch.

Chelsea’s dress for her character’s new status as “Lady.” Photobomb courtesy of Cory.

The heraldry for the nobility.

 Festival of Crows 2015 saw a dwarven thane as the visiting host. This of course requires new heraldry. There were enough player teams that we did not add an NPC team.

New heraldry for Masquerade 2016.

And finally a commissioned custom tabard. I may need to make a few more of these, after making a few adjustments to my pattern. No this is not my original design. It was done by request from a photo using a lot of guessing.

Next up: starting an Etsy store. Just working on getting enough stock ready. So excited!

Bonus: Az’Caine!


  1. Amazing costumes! You are so talented. It is so nice to see fantasy come to life.

  2. That Az'Caine guys is one SEXAY beast! :-)