Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I'm Back!

What happened to the past year? You blink and it’s gone. For me, most of my time has been spent in my basement, so I end up missing what is going on outside. Someday I will get to do my sewing work in a place with windows, and not so much dust!

Let’s see if I can remember everything I did since my last post; I’m sure I will miss something (that just means more for later!). On re-reading my last post to figure out where I left off, I’m really glad I left myself a to do list. It’s now a to-post list!

One year ago, at the beginning of August, we attended a friend’s wedding. Occasionally I will do some sewing other than costumes. For the wedding, our lovely Shauna was a bride’s maid and needed a dress. Doesn’t she look lovely?

Of course, everything else is costuming for the LARP. My next item was a really nice short green cloak. It was on the rack at Myth Games for less than 48 hours. I only wish that would happen more often!

I actually like this cloak better than the last one; it was for a player to match a costume I made last year.

Next, Cory decided he wanted to be a player at one of the summer LARP events (I don’t remember which one). The character he picked is a humanoid-cat; big cat to be precise, not a house cat. They don’t purr (if you ask one, you just might want to run). The race is based on Japanese culture, so it needed a Japanese-style costume. It’s one of the most complicated costumes I have ever made! Here’s a few shots of the construction:

Of course a cat needs paws (these have since been altered to be fingerless):

The final result (good-looking Saar, if I do say so myself):

After that, I started on some of the stack of material I had acquired and made a few cloaks:

And another costume for one of Shauna’s non-playing characters:

A skirt for a player that came out to one of our winter tavern events:

My Halloween costume was incredibly time consuming. The final result was awesome, but I was also reminded why I hate pleats. The ironing alone took eight hours! Yes, I did use it in the LARP. Can’t let it go to waste!

That’s it for this post. Check back for part two! Better yet, follow me and know when I post!

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