Friday, 30 August 2013

End of Summer

Even though the calendar says it’s the end of August, the weather does not seem to know this. It’s warmer now than it was most of the month of June, but it did give us really nice weather for our August LARP event.

This week I have been working to finish edging the monster tabards. I just finished them before I sat down to write this. Next on the list are some belts and new tag bags, then to get to work on my player costume! It’s still “wait and see” if we get to play in September or not, so I have to be prepared for both.

Nothing new to share this week, instead, here are costumes pictured last week actually worn and looking as they are supposed to look. Enjoy!

Cory as Master Wayanwood in the tree pajamas:

A tree tabard as worn by the protection tree of the Dryad grove:

Cory as his scout Terron:

 This one is just for fun. I didn't really have anything to do with the preparation of these costumes, our monster duregar:

Have a great long weekend and keep cosplaying!

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