Friday, 30 August 2013

End of Summer

Even though the calendar says it’s the end of August, the weather does not seem to know this. It’s warmer now than it was most of the month of June, but it did give us really nice weather for our August LARP event.

This week I have been working to finish edging the monster tabards. I just finished them before I sat down to write this. Next on the list are some belts and new tag bags, then to get to work on my player costume! It’s still “wait and see” if we get to play in September or not, so I have to be prepared for both.

Nothing new to share this week, instead, here are costumes pictured last week actually worn and looking as they are supposed to look. Enjoy!

Cory as Master Wayanwood in the tree pajamas:

A tree tabard as worn by the protection tree of the Dryad grove:

Cory as his scout Terron:

 This one is just for fun. I didn't really have anything to do with the preparation of these costumes, our monster duregar:

Have a great long weekend and keep cosplaying!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Catch Up Part 2

You never know what sort of havoc the players of the LARP are going to create, but you can be assured they will create as much as they can. Well, our chapter’s players are no different. One of our winter events ended up being a trial to deal with some of this havoc. This meant we needed judicial robes for the tribunal. This is Cory’s as his non-playing character is the leader of the tribunal. The others were the same, just without the gold trim.

At the same event, I played a gryphon-in-humanoid form. The costume isn't quite complete, it’s missing feathered gloves as per the game description, but I just didn't have enough time to make them. By the way, this costume is freezing in the winter!

Another of our winter tavern night events saw a travelling carnival of non-human characters visit; by the name of “Giovanni’s Wonders and Horrors”. Cory of course was Giovanni himself, a wolf. It was my turn to play a Saar (see previous post for explanation). I do love the Kimono, but it was almost as much work as Cory’s costume!

As part of the story-line we are trying to do in the LARP, Cory and I needed to play Medusa characters at one of the first summer events this year. In one place, we were black and white (that world had no colour). That was easily taken care of with a couple of morph suits with the faces cut out. Back in the game world, we needed coloured snake costumes. Here’s mine: 

Another event saw the gryphon return, this time in gryphon form. The costume is still incomplete (I need gloves for this one too, and wings), but I think it got the idea across. 

Cory also requested a new costume for one of his non-playing characters. We found this really nice faux-suede material that is a dream to work with. It just doesn’t stay closed very well. I have to change the clasps to make it work. 

With a leaf-camo hood: 

Our Shauna decided it was her turn to jump into playing. I have to say I had as much fun watching (and listening!) to her play as she was actually playing! This is the over dress of her costume. The dress is a blue Newfoundland plaid. It looks really good together, but the ribbon loops just didn't stand up to her aggressive play-style. Oops! Time to switch to grommets! 

Our July event saw the return of the Giovanni, so Cory needed a proper coat. This is what he chose: It looks great on, but it was dark when he came out in it, so I’m not sure how many of our players actually saw it. 

Most recently, Cory needed a costume to look like a tree to play a Dryad. Fortunately, the summer quilting patterns were on clearance, so we were able to get the material for a steal! 

Cory went a bit overboard and got a lot more than was needed for his costume. With a lot of the help from the players, I have put together a lot of new tabards in a variety of patterns: fire, stone, bark, etc. These will really help our monsters look more like they are supposed to look. 

At this point, my to do list still has some of the same items as last year, but with ever more additions.  Eventually, I want to make more items for sale and set up an Etsy store to do it.

This weekend is our August event, and we are madly trying to get everything finished in time. Look for pictures next week!

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

I'm Back!

What happened to the past year? You blink and it’s gone. For me, most of my time has been spent in my basement, so I end up missing what is going on outside. Someday I will get to do my sewing work in a place with windows, and not so much dust!

Let’s see if I can remember everything I did since my last post; I’m sure I will miss something (that just means more for later!). On re-reading my last post to figure out where I left off, I’m really glad I left myself a to do list. It’s now a to-post list!

One year ago, at the beginning of August, we attended a friend’s wedding. Occasionally I will do some sewing other than costumes. For the wedding, our lovely Shauna was a bride’s maid and needed a dress. Doesn’t she look lovely?

Of course, everything else is costuming for the LARP. My next item was a really nice short green cloak. It was on the rack at Myth Games for less than 48 hours. I only wish that would happen more often!

I actually like this cloak better than the last one; it was for a player to match a costume I made last year.

Next, Cory decided he wanted to be a player at one of the summer LARP events (I don’t remember which one). The character he picked is a humanoid-cat; big cat to be precise, not a house cat. They don’t purr (if you ask one, you just might want to run). The race is based on Japanese culture, so it needed a Japanese-style costume. It’s one of the most complicated costumes I have ever made! Here’s a few shots of the construction:

Of course a cat needs paws (these have since been altered to be fingerless):

The final result (good-looking Saar, if I do say so myself):

After that, I started on some of the stack of material I had acquired and made a few cloaks:

And another costume for one of Shauna’s non-playing characters:

A skirt for a player that came out to one of our winter tavern events:

My Halloween costume was incredibly time consuming. The final result was awesome, but I was also reminded why I hate pleats. The ironing alone took eight hours! Yes, I did use it in the LARP. Can’t let it go to waste!

That’s it for this post. Check back for part two! Better yet, follow me and know when I post!