Thursday, 1 March 2012

Pirate Shirt

Last minute commission before the LARP event Feb 18: a shirt. Heavy twill material, pirate pattern. No problem. By the time I finished my poor fingers disagreed.


Material & interfacing cut out:

Facing for the split in the chest:

Cut open:

Turned inside and ironed flat:

Shoulder seam:

Interfacing on collar:

Collar going together:
Turned out and ironed: the one side is folded up to make it easier to close once sewn on:

Neckline gathered and collar pinned on: For some reason gathering always involves me stabbing myself with the pins.

Once the collar is sewn on, the seam allowance is tuned inside the collar and the side that was folded up is used to hand-sew the collar closed.

Sleeve: gathered and pinned on. More pain.

Looks great though:

Next the under arm was sewn closed. Then finishing the opening at the cuff:

After sewing the cuff together much the same as the collar, the same process is repeated to sew the cuff on to the end of the sleeve: and more stabbing my poor fingers.

The look is worth it:

Closing the cuff and adding the button hole and button:

All that’s left is to hem the bottom of the shirt. It also had a slit that was finished the same as the cuff slit. I did go over all of the seams with the serger to prevent the material from fraying as it was trying to do while I was putting the shirt together.

The pattern says to add strings to tie the neck closed in the seam at the collar. From the previous shirt I made using this pattern, I know the wearer feels this leaves too much open. This time I left the tie out of the seam and instead added small button holes along the slit and put one long string in. It looked much better.

One completed heavy pirate shirt:

As worn at the LARP:

Total cost: Approximately $45 for materials (on sale, pre-purchased) + $55 for 7.5 hours work = $100

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