Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lepoard Vest

I do believe I’m going to get very good at making vests as I had to make another one for an NPC for the LARP event. This was for a High Ogre that was not a fan of the King; played by Cory. He chose a leopard print felt for this one. I used the same pattern as the previous post.

Cutting out the lining and felt:

Prepping for pinning: It is very dry in my basement and everything was incredibly staticy.

Pinning the arms, front and collar:

Turned out, with the first side seam done:

Hand-sewing the last inside side seam closed:

Almost done:

Added three cool tooth-looking buttons:

Adding the three loops for the buttons:

Completed vest:

Modeled by Morbo, the angry High Orge:

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