Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fur Vest

My first commission for the LARP! (If you have no idea what this is, please see my previous post.) A friend and member of the LARP needed a costume for the first event Feb 18. Since his character is a northern barbarian, he wanted a vest with a fur collar. I found some fun fur and a really soft material that looks a little like animal skin.

My pattern and materials: $77 (fun fur is very expensive)

Vest pattern pieces:

Cutting out the vest: This material made a huge mess which stubbornly stuck to everything due to the static in my basement. I had to break out the hand-vac to clean it all up.

The lining: Also staticy, but no mess.

Both the lining and vest were sewn together at the shoulders then sewn together at the arms:

After adding the fur collar (promise better picture next time I work with the fur) the lining and vest were sewn together at the collar and down the front:

The fur collar seen on the vest partially turned out:

Fully turned out:

Sewing the sides closed: vest first then lining.

Hand-closing the last part of the last side seam:

Sewing finished:

Adding the grommets for the lacing:

Completed vest! It’s so soft!

As worn at the LARP event:

Total cost: $77 for materials + $53 for 7 hours work = $130

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