Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Lepoard Vest

I do believe I’m going to get very good at making vests as I had to make another one for an NPC for the LARP event. This was for a High Ogre that was not a fan of the King; played by Cory. He chose a leopard print felt for this one. I used the same pattern as the previous post.

Cutting out the lining and felt:

Prepping for pinning: It is very dry in my basement and everything was incredibly staticy.

Pinning the arms, front and collar:

Turned out, with the first side seam done:

Hand-sewing the last inside side seam closed:

Almost done:

Added three cool tooth-looking buttons:

Adding the three loops for the buttons:

Completed vest:

Modeled by Morbo, the angry High Orge:

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Fur Vest

My first commission for the LARP! (If you have no idea what this is, please see my previous post.) A friend and member of the LARP needed a costume for the first event Feb 18. Since his character is a northern barbarian, he wanted a vest with a fur collar. I found some fun fur and a really soft material that looks a little like animal skin.

My pattern and materials: $77 (fun fur is very expensive)

Vest pattern pieces:

Cutting out the vest: This material made a huge mess which stubbornly stuck to everything due to the static in my basement. I had to break out the hand-vac to clean it all up.

The lining: Also staticy, but no mess.

Both the lining and vest were sewn together at the shoulders then sewn together at the arms:

After adding the fur collar (promise better picture next time I work with the fur) the lining and vest were sewn together at the collar and down the front:

The fur collar seen on the vest partially turned out:

Fully turned out:

Sewing the sides closed: vest first then lining.

Hand-closing the last part of the last side seam:

Sewing finished:

Adding the grommets for the lacing:

Completed vest! It’s so soft!

As worn at the LARP event:

Total cost: $77 for materials + $53 for 7 hours work = $130

Friday, 24 February 2012

LARP Tabards

It has been a busy month! Cory has started a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) group in town under the Alliance banner. The first event was Feb 18 and was a big success! To prepare for this, we needed costumes. The first pieces were tabards for the non-player characters (NPCs): blue tabards for the Home Guard (the game’s military group) and a purple tabard and sash with gold trim for the king.

Pretty simple: two pieces, front and back.

After the front and back were serged together, I had to find a way to finish the neck and shoulders. The curves on these edges didn’t make it practical to do a simple folded-over hem. So I made a ton of extra-wide double-fold bias tape from the left over material and finished the edges that way:

2” wide strip of material:

Ironed in half:

Then ironed in quarters, outside edges folded to the center:

Finally ironed closed again along the center:

Three tabards with finished neck and shoulders, medium, large and extra-large:


With added white ribbon trim: I really liked this addition.

Finally, with the logo added on. No, I did not add the logo. It was designed by another member of the LARP and Cory knows someone else who did the heat-press. Finished tabard looks great!

Here I am at the event playing a Home Guard NPC and modeling the costume.
The completed King’s tabard: I wasn’t sure about to gold ribbon when I bought it, but against the purple tabard, it looks great.

Modeled by our illustrious NPC King Ulrich:

Also needed is a pile of marshal tabards. These will be worn by people at the events who are not playing but enforcing the rules and making sure the players don’t get hurt.

Pieces cut out and pattern used:

Hemming: learned from this first one that the shoulders need to be hemmed before they are sewn on; makes surging and later hemming the rest of the tabard much easier.

Trimming the neck with black bias tape: This was very difficult because it is so thin. I have some repairs to make to the one that was worn at the event as it missed the material in a few places.

Completed marshal tabard:

Next I have to make a butt-load of tabards out of different coloured material for the monsters that the players will be facing once we get to the summer events out of town.

Links to the Alliance Calgary LARP: