Thursday, 12 January 2012

Harley Quinn Part 1

2011 saw my first Halloween Costume order: Harley Quinn from Batman. I can’t post a picture of the character as I do not own it, but Google her and there’s tons. Essentially it’s a very tight-fitting black & red clown-costume. I thought this would be easy: it’s a body suit with a few decorative pieces.  There are patterns for body suits, right? Wrong. With all the kids in various sports that need close-fitting body suits (ie gymnastics, figure skating) I was sure there would be. After exhaustive searches though the pattern books at my local fabric store and the online stores, I came up with these: patterns for leggings and a legless body-suit/turtleneck. Not perfect, but I could make it work.
Now to turn this:

Into this:

Body suit pattern pieces:

Cutting out the red side of the body suit:

All the sizes are on this one. I thought that would be convenient, but it just made it more difficult to read and cut out.

A little hard to see this one, but the shoulder has a funky fold to give it more room. I had to trace it on to the material, then fold back the pattern to cut it out properly.

The black pieces of the body suit:

Pre-sewing layout:

Red and black halves sewn together:

These look like knees, but they are the funky shoulder folds:

Prepping the sleeve on the red side to sew:

And closing the outside / top of the sleeve. Strangest way to sew on a sleeve I’ve ever seen.

Red sleeve on!

Side seam on the black: apparently forgot to get a picture of the on the red side.

The black knee-looking shoulders:

Pinning the black sleeve on:

Black sleeve is on and closed. Here are the ever-so-exciting cuffs:

Prepping the elastic casing at the leg opening:
It was extremely difficult to make this work around the curves.

Both sleeves on, casings done and elastic inserted.

Adding the snaps on the crotch:

Part two to be posted soon!


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    1. Hi Vick! I used a stretchy jersey-knit. Not spandex, but close to it. Try the sports fabric section.