Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Welcome to 2012. Yes I Know I’m two weeks late. What can I say? Life is busy, and I have been too. I have a few sewing projects that I’ve done since my last post, but that will be in my next post.

I hate to start the New Year off on a sad note, but I would be a terrible person if I did not say goodbye to my company.

Those who have been reading my blog, which is mostly people who know me, already know that my fur baby, Bandit, died September 5. I had her for 15 years, literally half my life. For a cat she had a long and loving life and was truly a part of my family.

She was very sick when I took her to the vet and when they told us everything that wrong with her, we had to make the hard choice. Before it happened, when I was holding her, she gave me a look that I will never forget. She said so much in one glance: “I love you, but I’m ready to go. I’m so tired.” Next to the loss of my father four years ago, it was the most painful experience of my life.

We had her cremated and kept the urn. We also had an impression of her paw print made.

She came into this world in my bedroom at 6am on June 21, 1996 and stole my heart. She left in my arms on September 5, 2011 at approximately 2:30pm and took my heart with her.

I miss you sweetheart.

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