Friday, 20 January 2012

Duster Part 2

I’m sure you are wondering why the colour seems to be changing on this project. The lighting in my sewing room is a couple of fluorescent tubes, so it does funny things to the colour depending on my angle with the camera. The material is a blue-grey colour, so the lights really mess up what the camera sees.

In the last few days, I’ve managed to come pretty close to finishing, but there are a few things that as a perfectionist, I don’t like.

First thing after the last post was completing the hems on the sleeves:

Next was the cape: I used the serger again to help me with the finishing.
This is really like! Saves so much time and frustration!

Pinning the cape: I then basted it on for ease of sewing.

Prepping the collar:

Pinning the collar on: the pins are inside the layers.

Prepping the front facing: These had to be adjusted to match up with the instructions.

Attaching the facing:

Prepping to sew on the collar: This is supposed to be done all in one step, but with this much material, it’s far too easy to make mistakes that way.

Collar sewn on: One layer is left out of the seam so you can turn it inside and hide the seam.

Like so:

The coat so far:

What I have left to do is finish hand-stitching the front facing to the lining, hem the coat and sew on the buttons. What I want to change is the side seams. I really don’t like that they are showing. Seems to defeat the purpose of having lining; just have to figure out how to do it…

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