Friday, 26 August 2011

A Shirt fit for a Gargoyle

In order to really make the wings part of the costume, we got enough of the “stone” looking dark blue material to make a shirt, also hiding the panel that the wings attach to. I used the peasant shirt pattern again and made a lot of alterations.

No ties in the front: sewed the front seam all the way to the neckline.

Sewing front to back:

Gathering and binding the shoulders:

At this point I had Cory try it on to make sure the neck was big enough. I had cut it a little larger than the pattern since there was no gap in the front of this one. We also measured how long he wanted the sleeves: short little ones with elastic in the hem.

Gathering the sleeve at the shoulder:

Once the sleeves were on and the sides sewn closed, it was time for the big alteration: cutting a panel into the back that allowed the wings to be put on under the shirt and come out. I decided to do this by cutting slits in the back then closing the section below the wings with Velcro. I used long strips from of left over material to finish and reinforce the cuts.

Then it was time for hemming:

I realized at 8:45pm Thursday night that I didn’t have the right Velcro to close the gaps. I had a little piece of tan and a slightly longer piece of red left over from previous costumes, but no black. I made it to the fabric store just in time; got my Velcro and they locked the door behind me.

Once Cory got home I could measure how much elastic to put into the sleeves and finished the shirt.

It took a little convincing to get Cory to model for me for this post. Here is the finished product:

He’s promised me a photo of him all done up in his gargoyle make up too.

Eventually I hope to have a post with all the photos I’ve been promised!

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  1. Oh this is fun!
    How on earth did you come up with a gargoyle?

    Way back in the day, my mother created an alien ( ok she did it lot, but we shouldn't talk about my sisters that way) Anyway, she created an alien from a chenile bedspread. It's a hike, but if you'd like to come over, the pic is at the bottom of my blog. I think you might enjoy it.