Thursday, 4 August 2011

First Costume of 2011

This year’s first costume: a Jedi for my nephew’s birthday. I offered him the choice of a Jedi or a new dinosaur costume, so he knows it’s coming. No spoiling surprises here!

This is also my first children’s costume, so I really hope it will fit. Simplicity discontinued their children’s sized Jedi costume, so I had to get the adult pattern, which goes down to extra-small. I added an xxs size to the pattern, but it’s still going to be a little big on him. That’s ok, it means he will get more than one year’s use out of it!

Here are all the pieces cut out for the tunic and belt:

Shoulder seams done:

Sleeves going on: the easy way!

All hemmed! I’m pretty sure the sleeves are too long, but I still need the measurement. Cory had a great idea that I don’t shorten the sleeves, but rather turn them up to the right length, so as he grows, they can be let down.

The first layer of the collar: the white is the interfacing. It will end up inside the collar so it won’t be seen. Kind of looks like something a priest would wear at the moment.

Inside layer of the collar added: it’s looking much more Jedi-like.

Now to hand sew it closed; and I thought the uniform shirts were bad. This one goes all the way around!

Collar half closed:

That’s where I had to stop on Monday and haven’t been able to get back to it since.

My sister celebrates several family occasions in August: two birthdays and their wedding anniversary. So to make it easier on everyone, they pick one weekend and do one big family party. I really wanted to go this year, but with the way the schedule is working out, I just am not going to have this done in time: the party is this Saturday.

My nephew’s birthday is not until next weekend, but I can’t go then either; we have a wedding to go to. The following weekend is my grandmother’s 80th birthday. Maybe I’ll be able to go at the end of the month? I really wanted to give it to him myself, but I don’t want it to miss his birthday either.

I’m a sad duck.

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  1. Oh no! :-( I had really looked forward to your visit. I have to go to Saskatoon on morning of the 29th, but that's Monday so the last weekend in August should work out fine on our end.