Saturday, 13 August 2011

Every Jedi Needs A Cloak

A great looking, chocolate brown cloak to hide his light saber and anything else he wishes. I have the adult version of this pattern and have made it several times. It’s a great cloak.

Cutting out the pattern pieces: this took all of Tuesday night.

Material all cut out and starting the sewing began late Wednesday.

The shoulder pieces are interchangeable to have sleeves or not. Also gives a great line to the fabric.

This is the back all sewn together:

Sleeves going on: this pattern does it yet another way: the sleeves go on the front and back pieces first:

Then the front and back are sewn together. The shoulder and top of the sleeves have already been done here and I’ve got the underarm and sides pinned and ready to sew.

On to the hood: with gathering on the neck.

Hood pinned onto the cloak:

Facing sewn on to cover the seam: Really glad I didn’t have to hand-sew this one.

Hemming: this was really annoying. My bobbin ran out just over a quarter of the way through this so I had to re-pin and do it again. I was already really short on time and not happy.

Hemming the hood and front: all the pins look a little too much like something out of a horror movie for my liking.

Finish the hemming with the sleeves: again, I don’t like the look of all the pins.

With the clasp sewn on, the cloak and the costume were officially finished at 11:20pm Wednesday night. I had to get it done in order to get it shipped in time. I was much more awake on Thursday than I had thought I was going to be.

Now I just hope everything fits ok.

Happy Birthday Nephew!

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