Saturday, 2 July 2011

Yay I'm Done!

This week I spent all my spare time in the basement. I decided that with the amount of time I spent listening to music on my laptop, I needed to find a way to make the sound better. So I set up the antique sideboard that is also in my basement and in desperate need of a complete refinish; and set up our spare old stereo on it. Then realized it’s so old it doesn’t have an input jack. After mentioning this to Cory, he surprised me with a little stereo that not only has an input jack, but also an iPod dock! I tested it for hours yesterday and I love it!! So happy!

So what did I do while listening to my shiny new stereo?

Finished hand-sewing the collars on Monday:

Beginning the pinning of a sleeve: it’s curved and the shoulder is curved the other way. When the seam is done they are both the same curve, but it makes pinning challenging. But I got them all on.

Tuesday: pinning the underarm: infinitely easier than the sleeve because it’s all straight. The challenge here is to make all the edges line up. Sometimes it takes some force to do this.

All sewed, reinforced and zig-zagged. Sorry for the poor quality. Apparently my camera’s resolution setting was too low when I took these.

Even got the hems done on the sleeves before I had to stop for the night!

Wednesday was spent sewing the hems on the bottom of shirts. I forgot to take any pictures here, but it’s not that awfully interesting anyway. Also got the button holes in; messed up one shirt by putting the holes on the right side instead of the left. When I told Cory he said “So you made a women’s shirt then?” Which really confused me. “No it’s still a men’s shirt, the buttons will just be on the wrong side.” He went on to explain that he learned back in high school that the buttons on men’s and women’s shirts are on opposite sides. I haven’t made much in the way of men’s clothing so I never noticed. I went up to our closets to check and it’s true! Men’s button holes are on the left while women’s are on the right. Still, that shirt would look awfully silly on a woman.

Thursday: Buttons! 12 to be exact; and a dozen button takes time to sew on. Actually, the pattern calls for five on each shirt, but most people hate the collar button, so I was leaving that off. I did accidentally include it on my backwards shirt though, so the total came to 13. This is when I got my new stereo (:D) and really got to enjoy it while sewing on the buttons.

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