Monday, 4 July 2011

Wait, There's More!

Yes, three more shirts to be done for Myth Games. The previous four were all for Cory. Since he is there almost every day he needed lots of shirts. Now I have to make three more: one for each of his employees. These will all be different so I can do them each from start to finish. Up first: size 12 women’s shirt.

Pattern sheets & instructions:

All cut out: pity I do all that and only use about half the pieces. This pattern is the first I’ve seen do real custom sizing, including cup size. No more assuming every woman on the planet is a B. I really hope to see more patterns do this.

This is after replacing the section that will become the strip down the buttons with black. Took me a while to do because I couldn’t remember how I had done it for Cory’s shirts. The wide piece of black is because this shirt includes “self-facing.” Instead of having another piece to cut out and iron interfacing onto, this just folds up along the white lines. Much easier!

The collar: this is the first two-piece collar I’ve done. I was looking at the commercial shirts wondering how they did them. Now I know!

Attaching the side front to the front section. This took a lot of fiddling to make the material match up.

Now to do the same with the back pieces:

Front sewn to back at the shoulders. It’s one piece now!

Funny, this collar was much easier to attach then the men’s…

Time for sleeves: as on most women’s shirts, this does have some gathering, or “easing” as the pattern calls it, at the top of the shoulder. Looks pretty nice and adds a little more shoulder room.

Hemming the bottom:

Cutting the button holes: six buttons on this shirt.

All done! It took about the same amount of time as one of the men’s shirts: nine hours. This time it was all at once on Saturday and Sunday.

One more women’s shirt to go and a men’s.

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