Friday, 1 July 2011


Two weeks ago was the annual Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo. Cory has a booth there for Myth Games (his store) every year. I usually help out for a day. This year we got a prime spot and due to some unforeseen staffing issues, I was working at his booth all weekend. This included Friday as they opened a day early this year.  It was completely worth it for the store. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun too. There were four of us, two of our other friends volunteered to work the weekend with us. We couldn’t have done it without them.

There were tons of amazing costumes to be seen and lots of celebrities to meet. Some even offered to come in early on Sunday to give the volunteers and exhibitors a change to get signatures and photos. I got my Guild #2 comic book signed and we got a photo with the Guild. They were obviously tired from Friday and Saturday but were still really great!

Monday after work I had to go up to Myth to get the car. We had left the truck in the back to be unloaded in the morning. Cory said to make sure I got the junk out of the back. There were some things in there that needed to go home from the con, so that’s what I was looking for. I only found two folding tables and was wondering what “all the junk” was, when I looked in the very back and saw this:

He surprised me with a serger!! How did he know I wanted something so, well, not what a normal woman would want? My sister called on Saturday and since we were at the expo I didn’t hear it. I got her message late Saturday when we were at home. She called to let me know that a store she had been to had sewing machines on sale. Eventually I would like to upgrade my little machine to one more heavy-duty, but I don’t need to; especially since I’m not making anything off this little endeavor yet. But I do want a serger. I’ve wanted one for years but they are expensive and I’ve never been able to afford one.

After I listened to my sister’s message I told Cory all the stuff I said above, so he knew I wanted one; I certainly never expected him to get it for me!

I haven’t used a serger since high school, so it’s a good thing this one came with an instructional DVD. No time to try it yet though, still working on the uniform shirts for Myth Games.

Now to find a place to put it…

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