Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Rinse & Repeat

The second women’s shirt went together quickly, though I still wasn’t able to avoid a mistake.

Cutting out the front in purple: used the tracing paper to make it much easier to cut out the curve, as I was cutting the smallest size on this pattern.

All the black pieces, minus the sleeve; I was able to get that out of a left over piece of material.

Ironing the black replacement strip for the buttons. It’s really wide for two reasons: 1. It includes self facing, so I can fold it up and not have to cut additional pieces like I do for the men’s shirts. 2. I measured wrong. It’s easy to see in the picture, the makings for the button holes should be in the middle between the white line and the edge, plus 1.5cm for the seam allowance. I didn’t see it.

Laying the black strip on the front. Still didn’t see the mistake.

One side pinned, one side sewed.

This is actually the replacement front, after I finished with the front facing and realized it was totally wrong and way too wide, which became obvious when I tried to fold over the self-facing and it didn’t line up with the seam. I had already trimmed the purple, so I had to re-cut the front piece and the black pieces and start over. I paid much more attention to where I was cutting this time.

Back all sewn together.

Putting on the collar and hand-sewing the seam allowance to the inside. No these aren’t upside down, this is the way the shirt sits on the table when I’m pinning and sewing it.

Finished collar:

Sewing on the sleeves: there’s a bit of gathering on the shoulder, so there are a lot of pins to keep everything in place.

In the process of hemming, I had to stop and clean out my bobbin casing (the under part of the sewing machine). I couldn’t figure out how to put it back together, so out came the manual. This cleaning is regular maintenance so there are instructions and diagrams. While flipping through the manual, I saw an entry on how to sew on buttons. I didn’t even know my machine could do this. I even had all the accessories I needed to do it. So I tried it:
Worked like a charm and saved me lots of time! I need to read more of this manual!

The completed size 16 shirt: Yes, that’s a size 16. The size you buy in the store is lying to you.

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