Monday, 25 July 2011

Last One!

Finally on the last shirt; so I thought. Everything went wrong on this one. Obvious things that I should have noticed I didn’t see until it was too late and made a ton of extra work for myself.

This is another men’s shirt, so the same as the four I made for Cory, but in a smaller size. FYI: men’s store sizes still lie, but not to the extent that women’s do.

Front purple piece cut out:

Cutting out the black: and messed this up: should have arranged the pieces to get two of the front facing (skinny piece at the bottom) out of it. Also needed a second collar (the little one on the right).

All the pieces cut out. Should have noticed right from here I had the marking from the pocket on the wrong side.

Front replacement strip: pinned and ready to iron.

Pinning on the front: just to explain: I iron the seam allowance to make it much easier to figure out where I need to sew on the back piece, then line it up to the edge, mark the back side where the seam needs to be and pin it over that line. The ironed fold is the line I sew over.

Pocket going on the wrong side. Still didn’t notice.

I stabbed myself pretty good pinning on the collar. This is for everyone that said they couldn’t see my injury the last time. (Hint: it’s the red)

I actually pinned the collar on inside out, then flipped it over, pinned it on and proceeded to sew on all the layers. This is wrong. I was so mad at myself when I realized what I did. I had to take out the entire seam, separate the layers and re-pin. This is how the collar is supposed to go on: the bit folded up will be used to tuck the seam inside and hide the raw edge.

Pinning on the facing: I stabbed myself doing this too, but it didn’t bleed like the last one, so I couldn’t get a good picture.

All sewed on, trimmed and folded under. Finishing the collar:

Pinning on the sleeves:

Next I did the side seams then hemmed the sleeves. Then Cory came home and came downstairs and sat and chatted for a bit. I held up the shirt to show him how far I’d gotten, it was in this moment I realized the pocket was on the wrong side! After all the other stuff I messed up, I was not happy. It was also 10:30pm and I had to go to bed. Still have to work to pay bills! I seriously needed a break from sewing by this point too.

The next day, I came back to it, took the pocket off and moved it to the left side. Then I had to finish the bottom hem. I checked my length measurement for his employee that was supposed to receive this shirt (I think you know where this is going). I must have entered the number wrong, but I was sure that’s what it was supposed to be, because that’s what I had written down. So I cut the extra off the bottom: 3” off Cory’s shirts, 6” off this one. I had a bad feeling right away, but was trying to stay optimistic. He was working at the store at 5 the next day, so Cory took the shirt with him and when I got there just after 5, had him try it on. It was too short. ARRGG!!!

So as it turns out, this is not the last shirt. I have to make another to replace it. I’m keeping this one anyway, in case Cory ever hires someone really short.

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