Sunday, 3 July 2011

Help! Help! I'm being repressed!

Now for something completely different: Cory and a friend decided to try a LARP group out of Edmonton on Saturday. They were more than welcome, but needed to come in costume as peasants. No problem, Cory’s got that pirate costume right? Wrong. The friend he lent it to went out of town without returning it. So that left him in need of something quick.

I thought I had enough left over material from the Scottish costume to make another shirt. I didn’t, but the fabric store still had just enough, and it was half price. Friday was spent making an old-style shirt that would pass as a peasant.

Pattern and pieces:

I forgot to take pictures for a while, up to this next one, the two front pieces were sewn together and the shoulder seams done (front sewn to back). This is the really wide shoulder pulled together with some gathering. My seam binding is completely the wrong colour, but it’s all I had and on the inside, you can’t see it anyway.

 This is the gathering at the top of the sleeve, which sits part-way down the arm. I discovered that once the material is gathered just the way I want it, it helps to tie the ends of the thread together to help it stay in place.

The collar: the pattern wants this to be on the outside, but I really didn’t like it the last time I made this pattern, so this time it went on the inside.

Finished shoulder and sleeve seams. You can see how nicely the gathering turned out here:

The pattern makes really long sleeves. Cory can’t stand this, so some altering was required. I couldn’t do this when cutting out the pieces because of the way the sleeves go onto the shirt.

After taking the extra off the under arm, I also needed to shorten the sleeves.

Comparison: unaltered sleeve underneath, altered sleeve on top. I removed a lot of extra material.

After hemming, the finishing touch: laces. This is also an alteration. The pattern does not have anything added to the collar, but having made costumes for Cory in the past, I knew he would want it. It turned out really nice too.

I wasn’t able to get a picture of Cory wearing it for me, so this is the best I have: on a hanger.

Not bad for six hours work.

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