Thursday, 28 July 2011

Backpack Repairs

Almost done with the uniform shirts for Myth Games, and I have to take some time to repair Cory’s backpack for our D&D club’s annual camping trip. The repair really didn’t take much time: only 2 hours. The real hold up on the shirts was all the camping gear spread out all over my sewing area in the basement.

Let me just say right now that I really don’t like doing repairs. This is why there’s a chair next to my sewing desk piled full of clothes that need to be repaired. I feel the same way about alterations. If I can avoid them altogether, I would be happy.

The backpack: before. It’s a real mess. Several seams have pulled out so I have to completely replace the fabric.

The longest port of this project was taking out all the old stitching: took an hour, a full half the project’s time!

Zipper detached from the section that needs replacing:

Straps and hook piece detached:

Side trim, reinforcements and basting removed, exposing the foam padding. This thing was covered in basting: it’s a long pre-stitch that helps hold things in place while the finishing is done. It’s also used to do gathering and a bunch of other stuff.

With the strap seams removed, the pieces that needed to be replaced came off. They were in terrible condition.

Old pieces on the left, new pieces on the right: I didn’t have any matching fabric, so I used some strong black fabric that I had left over from another project.

All sewn on and reinforced: it’s a pretty obvious what’s been replaced,

but it works. I didn’t have any heavy thread to match what was used on the backpack. Over the weekend, we both heard stitches snapping, but that’s why I went over the final seam a few times. I will still need to pick up some heavy thread and go over it again, eventually.

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