Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Battle of the Collar

No sewing time today, so no post for you tomorrow. I did get a few hours in last night though. Here’s what I accomplished:

Not quite finishing the collar yet, next step was putting the facing on the front. This is to give the buttons more to hold on to, and a nice smooth finish to the front of the shirt. Prep was getting the interfacing ironed on, then hemming the outside edge.

Next, actually sewing the facings on to the front of the shirt, on the inside. This view is inside out:

And turned the right way around, no sleeves yet but it starting to look like shirt!

The collar wasn’t fully on yet in the previous picture, here is the pining and the hand-sewing needle. To get the nice finished edge on inside seams that you don’t see usually requires hand-sewing. I am getting much faster and better at this. Yay me!

And this is the collar all sewed on: It looks so good!

Next are probably the sleeves, which can be done one of two usual ways: one easy, one not so easy. Easy is sewing the sleeves on around the shoulder, then sewing the side and under arm closed. Not so easy (and in some cases a complete pain) is to sew the side and under arm separately, then sew the sleeve on to the shirt. This can be really tricky to do in tight sleeves, but can give a really nice gather where needed. I’m expecting this to be the easy way. Answer in next post (probably).

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