Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Assembly Line

The assembly line work on the three additional shirts for Cory has begun! Most of the day on Sunday was spent cutting out all the pieces.

I was also able to get the interfacing ironed on the collars and front facings. No so interesting, but lots to do.

New thing happened, I had calculated to have enough material to do all the shirts Cory wanted, for him and one of his staff, but I ran out of black material. That’s never happened before. I usually have lots left over. Of course I’ve also never made four of one pattern all at once before either.

I was able to get a few more hours in yesterday and got all of the black stripes and pockets done, as well as the shoulder seams on one shirt. Today: to get the other two shoulder seams done and sleeves if I have time. This time I am making sure to zigzag the raw edges: no fraying; looks cleaner too. 

More tomorrow!

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