Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Back from Vacation

Well I got back from Mexico two weeks ago, and was busier than before I left! Check my Facebook page for pictures of the trip if you’re curious. I finally got some time to sew last night! Two whole hours! Here’s what I accomplished:

A nifty pocket: more work than I expected! I think this is where Cory is going to get the store logo added. Someday I will have an embroidery machine and be able to do cool things like that myself.

Altered the shirt to have a retro black stripe down the middle (this took an hour!) and sewed the front to the back at the shoulders.

The collar inside out: The white is the interfacing, this gives it the stiffness.

Collar inside right:

And finally began attaching the collar to the shirt. This is one of the most difficult and just plain annoying parts of making a shirt.

I really like how the black and purple look together. Next step: getting the rest of the &#%$(! collar sewed on.

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