Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Back from Vacation

Well I got back from Mexico two weeks ago, and was busier than before I left! Check my Facebook page for pictures of the trip if you’re curious. I finally got some time to sew last night! Two whole hours! Here’s what I accomplished:

A nifty pocket: more work than I expected! I think this is where Cory is going to get the store logo added. Someday I will have an embroidery machine and be able to do cool things like that myself.

Altered the shirt to have a retro black stripe down the middle (this took an hour!) and sewed the front to the back at the shoulders.

The collar inside out: The white is the interfacing, this gives it the stiffness.

Collar inside right:

And finally began attaching the collar to the shirt. This is one of the most difficult and just plain annoying parts of making a shirt.

I really like how the black and purple look together. Next step: getting the rest of the &#%$(! collar sewed on.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Where did the time go?

Wow things have been so busy! Lots of D&D being played, and somehow I’m getting roped into running a lot of it. We are also going to Mexico in three days!! I’m so excited! Judging from the glow of my pasty white legs in the picture of the fairy costume I really need to get some sun and Mexico is just the pace to do it! But tonight I finally found some time to get some work done on at least the first shirt for Myth Games.

Sunday I rearranged my basement / sewing area to swap the spare bed and the antique table I have. It really needs some massive refinishing and repair work. Unfortunately it will be some time before I have the money to do get it done; and likely even longer before I have a dining room to put it in. In the mean time, covered with my sewing board, it will serve well as a work table. It’s also much easier on my back than trying to hunch over the bed, and I can get all the way around it. Here are a few pictures of my rearranged work space:

My collection hanging from the ceiling:

And of course, my company:

Tonight, in 90 minutes of work I was able to get all the pieces cut out for the first shirt. Cory will be my test subject, so this is in his size. This one is the pieces pinned on the back material with my tools:

These are all the pieces cut out with the pattern markings:

No sewing yet, that will be next. Probably not until after we get back from Mexico next Tuesday, but if I do get anything done before we leave, I will be posting pictures.