Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Saga Part Two

2004 was the last costume I made for myself for a few years. I didn’t go trick-or-treating with my cousins that year as they no longer needed a chaperone; so I don’t have a photo from that year. The one shown I took today. As you may have guessed, my peach costume was not very warm. 2004 Halloween was supposed to be cold. I made another dress from the same pattern as the previous year, but wanted to make it much warmer. I found this beautiful sheer navy material with lighter blues mixed in with silver glitter. I lined it with fleece. It was warm all right. I made a back cloak to go with it, also lined with fleece; it was over-kill. I made this one it a bit bigger so ensure it would fit. It still does, but it’s too warm to wear to most parties. The neck line was the most complicated part of the costume as it had the strangest pieces I had ever seen in order to make it turn up. I didn’t see it and decided to just trust the pattern. I am glad I did, as the finished product looked just like the picture. Eventually I would like to try it again, but with a much lighter material. Maybe something like the silvery-blue from the last cloak…

The following Halloween I made my first male costume. “Pirates of the Caribbean” was a recent hit so it was really easy to find patterns for pirate costumes. The pants were authentic style with the button flap in the front instead of a more modern zipper. He complained he felt like he was wearing a diaper. It didn’t come with a hat though, so it was the first time (and only, so far) I made a hat. No pattern, just a measuring tape and my imagination. It turned out pretty well, but since I never did get a picture of that costume, I can’t prove it. It’s a shame really. The coat I made was by far the most time consuming single item I have ever made. Between the jacket and vest there were over 50 buttons! Took me a week just to hand sew them all on! But it was worth it. The pants may not have been the best, but the jacket was fantastic. I hope he kept it; but if he doesn’t want it, send it back to me!

Since then, I sort of slipped away from sewing. I spent several years on my own, just trying to figure out what I wanted and what to do with myself. Ended up deciding nothing and didn’t have much to show for it all. Then my brother decided to get married. As their wedding gift, I offered to make the dress. It was all on short notice so every spare moment I had was spent working on the dress. I was rooming with him again at the time so it was really easy to get her to try on the dress. It was the first really important piece I was making so I wanted it to be perfect. It turned out beautifully and fit her like a glove. I got tones of compliments on it, and so did she. It’s not in the pictures but I also made a little matching purse with a skinny strap for her too. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out for them. I wonder what she did with the dress… Maybe it’s best not to know.

The story continues tomorrow…

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