Thursday, 21 April 2011

Christmas Pajamas

These were also requested by my friends for whom I made the costumes. Actually, he requested them. His Mom and Dad were flying in from Newfoundland to spend Christmas with the family, so he wanted something special. All moms love grandkids, and this mom was no exception. They don’t have any kids but his brother and his wife have two girls. He wanted three sets of matching pajamas, one set for his mom and each niece, made in Newfoundland tartan. My friend and I spent several sessions in the fabric store flipping though pajama patterns until we found three that would work. I was mostly guessing at the sizing as I had only met his mom once at their wedding a few years earlier and had only seen the nieces a few times. We got extra material just to be sure there was enough; I still have enough to make at least one more set, probably more.

Lots of phone calls were made to get as much information as I could before any cutting to try to guess the sizes. I started sewing in November and in December it became my full time job. I’m sure they were a little worried that I wasn’t going to have them done on time. I was worried they wouldn’t fit. But pajamas are easy things to make, lots of straight seams and loose fitting material. On the 15 of December, all three pajamas were handed over in some of the Christmas bags we had made the year before. I even had time to make two matching heart-shaped pillows that came with the pattern for the youngest. I did not make the matching dog jacket that came with the adult pajamas. I was surprised just how many adult pajama patterns came with matching dog jackets. Slippers, housecoats, blankets, pillows, sure, but dog jackets? I’m sure that make someone excited, it’s just not me.

In the end everything was ready on time, and I was assured that they loved the pajamas and everything fit.

My friend was able to get permission for me to post the picture she took of the ladies in their new pajamas on Christmas. So a big thank-you! The faces have been removed to protect the children.

Here on is where my blog is going to get really exciting. I begin my first project tomorrow and you will get to follow me every step of the way!

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  1. Ooh! Whatcha makin? :)
    Oh, I have a friend who might want a costume for this halloween. We'll see.